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Friday, June 8, 2012

As a first time blogger… this makes me think about a lot of “firsts.”

First day of school, first kiss, first house, which then leads to my first purchase of a house plant (which was the first of many.)

I was so excited with my purchase of a pothos!  I promptly took it home and hung it in a macramé hanger (dating myself)!

However, with just the one plant I quickly realized that a few more were needed... soo off to the local garden center I went.  Putting plants in our house made our home feel very warm and comfortable. Thinking back to Biology 101, one of the benefits of plants is they actually clean air, with the added bonus of a calming effect.  Coming home from a day of work, taking a book and plopping on the couch… I could feel all of the stress leave my body. (Who doesn’t want that??)

Eventually I had to put those plants out of their misery (misconception that they live forever.) Over the years, I have had many different varieties in our house.  I do have my favorites (the ones that live with me for more than 2 months.)  I can’t imagine not having them as part of my décor.  My home would be cold and uninviting… and I would be cranky.  =)

So the next time you are in a garden center, pick up a stress reliever or two. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

Remember to stop and smell the roses, and watch a sunset or two.

Until next time…



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